In summer of 2016, the Saratoga Springs Smart City Commision under the direction of the Commissioner of Finance Michele Madigan, developed a Smart City Roadmap and Framework designed to implement leading-edge technology to promote efficiency, economic development, and equality.  From that roadmap, five challenge areas were chosen for this competition along with an Open field.


Connected Community

How might we make technology more readily available to enable the public to be connected and foster innovative collaboration?

Education and Training

How might we provide students with greater access to technology to help them become the knowledge workers of tomorrow?

Intelligent Infrastructure

How might we offer internet at competitive speeds to enable cities to become smart cities?


Better Public Services

How might we embrace new ideas and smart technology to improve public services within a city to increase safety?


Environmental Innovation

How might we coordinate efforts from private-sector and public-sector organizations to help promote sustainability?



How might we create a smart city to be an information hub that connects citizens, businesses, and visitors?

To read more about the Smart City Roadmap click here.