A connected community makes technology more readily available, promotes innovation and invests in essential public services from public libraries to hospitals.  Looking ahead, Smart Cities will build on their foundation, investing in open data and technology while also driving innovation through community groups and events.

Community Innovation


  • Become a model smart city, leveraging high-speed broadband services to enhance the quality of life for all residents, businesses and visitors
  • Retain and attract top talent in businesses and technology by offering the resources and infrastructure required for their ventures
  • Provide ongoing support for events and organizations 
  • Continue to foster a sense of community between individual companies

Health Tech


  • Improve clinical quality and patient safety
  • Increase clinical integration
  • Smartly connect information technology infrastructure and security
  • Efficiently and effectively manage business and administrative functions
  • Encourage person- centered care that incents prevention, coordination, or integration of patient care

Open Data Strategy


  • Idenify government best practices on how to open up data
  • Identify needs and pair with dataset assets
  • Develop a plan that includes licensing considerations, availability, deliverability, and application programming interfaces
  • Continuously engage with users

Public Access


  • Expand access to technology where broadband is unavailable
  • Close the digital divide while making tighter connections with community and business groups
  • Utilize smart technologies to help identify and share information across organizations. institutions, and government departments

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