Final Event

Since the April launch, high school students, residents, small businesses, and others have come up with innovative ideas on how to create connections between technology and municipalities.

There were eight workshops hosted by IgniteU NY and other community sponsors to offer training in various topics, such as data, pitching, marketing, and customer discovery, to SaratogaGo! participants.

Wednesday night, 10 different groups and individuals pitched their final ideas in front of the judges. The judges were:

Michele Madigan – Commissioner of Finance, City of Saratoga Springs

Bob Manasier – Entrepreneur in Residence, Innovate 518

Joe Messia – Chief Operations Officer, Transfinder

Caitlin Sheil – Director of Software Development, Transfinder

Maureen Sager – Executive Director, Upstate Alliance for the Creative Economy

After tough deliberations the judges selected first and second place winners in the professional and high school categories.  Awards to winners equaled over $8,000 worth of money, prizes and in-kind services. 

From left to right: Collin Bolles, Tom Denny, Julia Amodeo, Richard Newkirk

From left to right: Collin Bolles, Tom Denny, Julia Amodeo, Richard Newkirk


First Place: Saratoga Tree Triage, Tom Denny

Saratoga Tree Triage is an app that consists of two integrated modules—one for tree data management and one for tree project management—and also makes possible educational and mapping spin-offs from the basic data of the City's tree inventory. The power of Saratoga Tree Triage comes from the ability to map the location of every tree and to track all kinds of data about each tree, including its identity, its history, its size and condition, as well as the work needed, assigned, or completed on the tree.  

Second Place: Stonewall Defense, Richard Newkirk & Nicholas Campbell

Stonewall Defense proposes to develop a solution to enable the real-time monitoring of snow plows and road conditions so not only citizens can find the best route to their designated destinations, but snow plow operators and city officials know which roads needs to be cleared.

High School

First Place: Saratoga Parking App, Collin Bolles – Saratoga Springs HS

Website which will allow users real time access to parking capacity of parking lots. Each lot is monitored using a raspberry pi providing data for a google map with each lot denoted by a marker colored coded to represent relative capacity.

Second Place: Saratoga Experience Interface, Julia Amodeo & Lauren Claeys – Early College High School in Malta

We are proposing the use of smart city kiosks around the city of Saratoga that are conveniently located for both residents and visitors. These kiosks will provide people with information such as maps of the city, schedules, parking, dining options, accommodations, places to shop, and upcoming events. This system will allow the city to communicate directly with the people in the city, and it will replace the need for people to have multiple apps in order to obtain all the information they need to enjoy Saratoga. This system will save people time and stress by providing them with all the information they need to have an enjoyable Saratoga experience in easy to use anchor locations.

Photo Credit: Erica Miller/ Daily Gazzette