Today's world is all about connectivity. Whether it's for work, home, school, or personal relationships, having a high-speed broadband connection to the internet is no longer an optional luxury but an essential resource for residents, businesses, visitors, service providers, and government. A smart city will work to offer broadband infrastructure that enables its citizens to succeed.

Broadband Strategy


  • Provide low- latency, high- speed internet access for office buildings, shopping centers, hotels, sporting venues, and other commercial premises at competitive pricing
  • Bridge the gap between commercial and residential broadband to allow business professionals to work anywhere
  • Determine solutions to increase broadband adoption rates by educating the citizens of a city and working toward low- cost broadband options

Public Wi-Fi


  • Provide continuous coverage on certain areas within a city
  • Provide a secure wireless network for city applications
  • Provide an easy- to- access open network for internet access
  • Allow residents and visitors to share and access data without relying on unreliable disparate networks for access


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